TAASAN NEWS:After efforts to arrest Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, were thwarted by the reaction of his supporters outside his house in Lahore, a court in Lahore postponed Khan's arrest warrant.
When the Pakistani police wanted to arrest Imran Khan, they faced the obstruction of his supporters, and as a result of the clashes, a number of police forces and more than 50 supporters of Imran Khan were injured.
The Lahore High Court on Thursday, March 16, ordered the police to suspend the plan to arrest Imran Khan until Friday and also asked Khan's legal team to enter into discussions to solve this problem.
Imran Khan's arrest order was issued after he failed to appear in court on February 28 in the corruption case. Imran Khan is accused of not reporting the gifts he received during his presidency or the profit he made from the sale of these gifts.
According to the lawyers of both sides, the court also banned the opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf from holding a rally that was supposed to be held under the leadership of Khan on Sunday before the regional assembly elections.
Punjab police chief Osman Anwar said the violence in Lahore began on Tuesday when police moved to enforce a court order and arrest Khan.
But he told local Geo TV about Thursday's ruling: "We will obey the court's order and we will do it."
Lahore Police has registered two new cases against Khan and his supporters for allegedly damaging public property and attacking the police.
On Thursday, Khan's legal team asked Zafar Iqbal, the judge who issued Khan's arrest warrant last week, to revoke the warrant. But he instead criticized why he resisted when the police officers went to arrest him. Judge Iqbal said that if Khan surrenders to the court now, he will stop the police from arresting him.
Some Pakistani media have reported that the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd, and in return, Imran Khan's supporters attacked the police with stones and sticks and prevented the security forces from entering his house. In the latest case, Imran Khan said in a meeting with his supporters that he is ready to go to Islamabad on March 18 to discuss his arrest warrant, but so far this request has not been accepted by the Pakistani police.
He tweeted yesterday, "What crime did I commit that my house was attacked like this?"