TAASAN NEWS: 8-02-2023 The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had started military exercises in the Baltic Sea on Wednesday.


Meanwhile, the officials of this country announced the news that tensions between the Kremlin and Western countries have increased and that this exercise can increase tensions.


The "Ocean Shield 2023" exercise began today under the leadership of Nikolai Umenov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Naval Forces.


According to the statement published by the officials of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, more than 6,000 military personnel, 30 warships and boats, and 30 military aircraft are participating in this exercise. According to them, in this military exercise, how to "protect sea lines, transfer troops and military cargo, as well as defend the coastline" will be practiced.


Russia last held a large-scale military exercise in the Baltic Sea in June, two months after Finland joined NATO. This exercise took place one day after the annual exercises of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the Baltic Sea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been critical of NATO and has tried to limit the Western military alliance's expansion, particularly in countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. The Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia joined NATO in 2004.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finland, and Sweden both applied to join NATO. Finland, which borders the Baltic coast, was admitted in April as NATO's 31st new member, more than doubling Russia's land border with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Author: Hameedullah Ghafoori